Eastern Hemisphere

Carol and I spent August to December 1991 backpacking, heading mostly overland, more or less eastwards. We travelled through France, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan, China, Hong Kong and New Zealand. After Carol flew home I spent another month in Nepal. We failed to get into Sudan and Tibet and didn't bother with Australia or India.

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Ceausescu's Palace31 Aug 91
Ceausescu's Palace, Bucharest
Near Wadi Dhahr, Yemen29 Sep 91
Near Wadi Dhahr, Yemen
Hunza Valley, Pakistan23 Oct 91
Rakaposhi (7790 m) and the Hunza Valley, Pakistan
Pearl River, China22 Nov 91
Early morning on the Pearl River, SW China
Hong Kong Harbour28 Nov 91
Hong Kong Harbour, from The Peak
Queenstown, New ZealandPhoto: AJ Hackett 15 Dec 91
Kawarau bridge, Queenstown
Sing Gompa, Nepal6 Jan 92
Sing Gompa, Nepal